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Partridges has been a leading supplier of fresh seafood to private customers and commercial outlets for nearly 30 years and we are proud of our reputation for excellence, superb quality and outstanding freshness and taste. The majority of our seafood is fresh from the Indian Ocean and other parts of Australia but as strong advocates of sustainable fishing we select our suppliers very carefully. We are committed to protecting the aquaculture of oceans and are also supportive of humane fishing practices.




All the fresh seafood at Partridges comes with a quality assurance which is why we offer a refund if our customers are not completely satisfied. It’s a policy that fortunately we never have to actually put into practice as all our products are so incredibly fresh and a large proportion of it is picked daily by the owner and director Matt Beagley.

Partridges is located centrally in Nedlands and Hillarys, offering a perfect location for both our commercial and private customers, each of whom is greeted with a friendly smile. Our staff are highly knowledgeable and are happy to assist in the choosing of the best choices for you. Whether you’re looking for dhufish fillets, lobster, a kilo of mussels or fresh salmon we are here to help. Plus our salmon is sourced exclusively from Huon in Tasmania, is sashimi grade and can be simply sliced, seasoned and eaten as is; pure unadulterated bliss.

The texture of our filleted fish is infinitely superior because we choose to only ever dry fillet and this perfectly preserves the taste. The majority of outlets fillet under running water but that simply degrades the taste, texture and nutrition of the fish. In addition we have integrity and whatever comes to us fresh remains fresh and that which is frozen stays as such. There are an alarming number of places selling defrosted seafood disguised as fresh and our policy is one of complete honesty and transparency.




Partridge’s new outlet in Hillarys offers walk in customers an incredible selection of fresh seafood. We are excited about our recent expansion and are looking forward to welcoming new customers and sharing our love of seafood with them. In addition our ethos is that everyone has a right to enjoy beautiful fish which is why we abide by a fair pricing policy. It’s also not unusual for some of our less affluent customers to discover a free fillet of fish or two when they return home!

“For the freshest seafood in Perth, Western Australia, Partridges has the finest selection available and we continue to provide choice, quality and an unrivalled taste and texture,” – Matt Beagley, Owner and Director.


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