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We source our crabs from Shark Bay because it has the richest stocks of large sized blue swimmer crabs on the WA coastline. We have chosen this type because it’s the tastiest and sweetest crab on the market. Perth based Partridges has been supplying customers on a private and commercial basis with crab meat for decades and we are a leading provider in and around the metro area.

We always buy extra-large crabs because this means the crab is fuller and sweeter and we want to be able to uphold our reputation for providing the finest crab meat in Western Australia. As with all our seafood we approach our crab Perth supply trade with moral integrity so we do not incorporate an unnecessary mark up on prices of crab. Perth customers deserve to be able to enjoy this incredibly delicate and delicious seafood on a regular basis so we work hard to ensure our prices are kept affordable.


Crabs- Perth and Beyond

We send some of our crabs overseas to be processed in Thailand with an Australian company as it’s a firm we can rely on to use the best process possible to remove the meat from the shell of the crab. Perth customers – both those who buy from us directly and the many fine restaurants, cafes and caterers we supply – should always have access to crab meat with a taste and texture that has been fully preserved. This is why we only provide crab meat that is handpicked as opposed to machine processed crab where water is used to blast the crab meat from the shell. By opting for the handpicked option the crab meat completely retains its delicate sweet flavour and texture.


“Partridges is proud of its moral fibre as a company and that’s why we prefer to keep the prices of our seafood affordable to all, including our spectacular Shark Bay crab. Perth residents and visitors should have access to the best crab available in the State and we are delighted to be able to make that possible,” Matt Beagley, Owner of Partridges.


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