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Our WA rock lobster is outstanding and all caught locally only from Rottnest Island and along the WA coastline as far north as Cervantes and out to the Abrohlos Islands. We buy live whole lobster which we either sell live or alternatively it is cooked by ourselves or by a tried and tested firm offsite that is renowned for its preparation of crayfish.

Perth customers are often put off by the prospect of the inhumane treatment of lobster which is why, as with every company we ever use at Partridges, we select suppliers very carefully to ensure their methods are in-line with our ethos. We strongly advocate sustainable fishing and the treatment of all fish and shellfish that is free of cruelty.
Rock lobster is known locally as crayfish and it’s considered a luxurious seafood that is famous for its sweet tasting, firm texture.

There is a slight salty undertone from the seawater in which it was caught and there are plenty of wonderful recipes perfectly suited to lobster. Perth restaurants love our lobster for very good reason; not only is it as fresh as it can possibly ever be but we select each carefully to ensure our customers get the very best available on the WA market.


Crayfish- Perth Prices

Partridges is committed to keeping crayfish affordable for Perth customers but this is an ongoing battle in light of the fact the majority of the State’s western rock lobster is exported live to China which is happy to pay a premium price for it. As a result Geraldton, some 400 kilometres north of Perth is considered WA’s crayfish capital, yet in reality it is hard to find crayfish on the shelves of any of the shops in the port city because it is prohibitively expensive. This is why many retail outlets will only import stocks from elsewhere such as Queensland lobster. Perth’s Partridges however only stocks and sells WA rock lobster to its clients and we shall continue to keep our prices as low as we can make them so it is something you can continue to enjoy.


Crayfish- Nutrition

Lobster is very good for your health as it is packed with protein and omega-3s. It’s also lower in fat than many other types of seafood but most importantly it tastes amazing!


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