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OurFresh Fish

Partridge’s fresh fish supplies are among the best you will ever find in Western Australia because we are incredibly selective about not just where we source our fish from but also how it is caught and how it is prepared. Whether you’re seeking some fresh Goldband Snapper with its chunky flesh and full flavour that is line caught off the WA coastline from Rottnest to Broome, Red Emperor, Ocean Trout, Barramundi, Salmon or Dhufish, we have the finest and freshest selection for you.

At Partridges our philosophy is not to bring you the cheapest range of fresh fish on the market but rather the best fish at the best price. We are able to consistently price beat our competitors while never compromising on quality and we only ever source our products from suppliers who use sustainable fishing methods for their fresh fish. Perth restaurants in particular are reliant on the fact everything they sell is outstanding on every level; from taste to texture, flavour and smell, which is why they rely on us for consistently high quality produce.


OnlyThe Best

Our wild fresh fish is caught all over Australia and when farmed comes from only the most reputable fish farms in the country. Partridges has selected each supplier for its quality assurance and humane fishing practices. We have been able to continually thrive thanks to our reputation for excellence in the provision of fresh fish. Perth, being a coastal city is fortunate in its location and yet there are an alarming number of retail outlets selling defrosted thawed fish. This is never part of our policy at Partridges and what arrives with us fresh stays fresh and likewise that which is frozen remains frozen. The only exception is our prawns which are traditionally snap frozen and only thawed by us if we are selling them cooked, which we love to do for our customers regularly.


“The very backbone of Partridges is that we have moral integrity and each staff member is carefully selected because they can uphold that aspect of the company. As a result every piece of fresh fish Perth customers buy is served with a smile and an absolute guarantee of exceptional quality,” Matt Beagley, Owner of Partridges.


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