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Our exceptional sashimi grade scallops are much sought after and we love to keep our shops well stocked with freshly caught scallops. Perth customers have become increasingly aware of what constitutes a fine scallop and as that’s all we ever sell, we’re proving to be first port of call for both our wholesale and private customers.

Our scallops come primarily from Shark Bay and they are processed out at sea and instantly snap frozen to ensure their taste and texture remains perfect. They’re so good you can eat them raw but our friendly and well-informed staff will be happy to suggest a few alternative ways to eat them.


Scallops- Perth

At Partridges we are firm advocates of complete transparency when it comes to our produce which is why, unlike many other outlets, we never ever sell defrosted produce. We think it’s imperative everything you buy from us tastes as good as it could possibly taste when you get home and the same goes for our scallops. Perth customers do not want to be hoodwinked but as ours are frozen within minutes of coming out of the ocean their flavour and texture is preserved in all its glory.

We always provide a little education when we sell as we want you to make the most out of our fresh seafood, which is why we will always advise you to never thaw the scallops we sell you in cold water. All this does is destroy their full potential; instead we ask our customers to be patient and allow each gorgeous scallop to defrost itself naturally before being cooked and eaten. Scallops take very little cooking time and again we’re happy to share not just recipe tips but cooking tips also.


“It’s so important for us at Partridges to ensure every customer gets the most out of the fresh seafood they buy from us and as we’re all great seafood lovers ourselves we genuinely enjoy the friendly banter and sharing of tips,” Matt Beagley, Owner of Partridges.


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