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WhyPartridges Seafood


Partridges is one of the longest standing suppliers of fresh seafood in Western Australia and we are proud of our enviable reputation for quality and freshness. In addition we are strong supporters of sustainable and humane fishing and this affects every aspect of our business, particularly in respect of the companies we source our stock from.


So what do we do differently?

Unlike most suppliers we dry fillet our fish as opposed to exposing it to running water throughout the filleting procedure which robs it of vital nutrients and degrades both its flavour and texture. Have you ever placed a delicious looking fillet into a frying pan and observed the prolific quantity of water pour out as cooking begins and the fillet visibly reduce in size before your eyes? This will never happen when you buy fish from Partridges.

Our staff are highly experienced at their job and while the dry filleting of fish takes considerably longer, not only will it preserve the fillet in its natural state it also ensures it will last considerably longer in your fridge. Fresh water is essentially the enemy of fresh fish as it removes the essential oils from the flesh and increases the core temperature; this impacts directly upon its shelf life. It also adds unwanted chlorine directly into the seafood.


Our seafood comes with a smile

Our staff gain joy from preparing and selling seafood to our valued customers and we get great satisfaction from knowing it will create a culinary experience for you that will see you coming back for more. We want our customers to be completely satisfied and this is why all our fish and seafood comes with a quality guarantee.


Sustainable Fishing

At Partridges we are passionate advocates of protecting Australia’s marine habitat and so select our suppliers very carefully. We do our research, meet with our merchants regularly and will never purchase seafood for our customers that are fished through unsustainable methods.


You will like our prices

Superb seafood should be an affordable option for all and as a result we operate a fair and competitive pricing policy. We want our products to be something within the price range for those in all income brackets and will go out of our way to assist customers in choosing seafood that will suit their budget.

At Partridges we don’t think seafood should be a once a year luxury enjoyed only on Christmas Day. We want it to be an all year round affordable treat which our customers can appreciate as many days of the year as they wish.



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